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Setting up Your Office – The Importance of a Phone System

You want to set up your office, so you’ve turned to InYourOffice. Mike Conrad’s three decades of office furniture experience has made him a leader in the field, so you know you’ll get the perfect setup. Mike and his team can consult with you, help you select products, and even install everything. While InYourOffice handles your furniture, let SnapDial take care of your phone system. A phone system is another important aspect of having a functioning office, and SnapDial’s cloud-based phone systems have enterprise-level features that you will love.

How the Process Works

Just like Mike consults with you regarding your furniture, SnapDial consults with you about your phone system. After assessing your needs, the team builds a robust solution for your business that will never become obsolete. SnapDials phone system is continually updated with new capabilities and features as business demands change.

SnapDial hosts the business phone system, so you don’t have to store, maintain, or manage the equipment. Instead, it works with your existing internet network. You can choose the number of users for your plan, including desk phones and mobile devices. Each device can get its own phone number, and employees can make and receive calls at their desks, at home, or on the road.

Enterprise-level Features

Many customers are shocked by the enterprise-level features included with all hosted VoIP phone plans. These features include auto-attendants, voicemail to email, SMS, video conferencing, corporate directories, extension transfers, real-time queue stats, and more. You will enjoy many more features that your get with a standard landline at a much lower cost.  All features are included with the unlimited plan with the option to add-on the call center module and e-faxing.

Let SnapDial Customize a Solution for You

Your office is going to look amazing after InYourOffice designs it. You will have a professional setup, but you’ll still need a professional phone system to help you work. Contact InYourOffice to learn more about SnapDials our customized  hosted VoIP solutions.

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