Q & A

office furniture questions and answers

Q: Why would I want to use a consultant before I visit retailers to purchase my office furnishings?
A: Because we can prepare you for what to expect in the commission driven retail marketplace.

Q: Don’t these furniture retailers know the answers to all of my questions?
A: Some do and some don’t . . . however their agenda is obviously different than yours!

Q: Would I actually pay more to seek help before I go shopping for office furnishings?
A: Actually not . . . our advice and preparations will save you money & frustration.

Q: Do you then suggest I purchase through you to get the best values?
A:  Probably, as InYourOffice buys only on the wholesale market, and directly from factories.  We can save you money & frustration in dealing with ‘retailers’ by our very presence!  Knowledge is power . . . especially applied knowledge.